Louise Gluck won the Nobel Prize in literature

Nobel Prize laureate in literature this year became the American poetess Louise Elisabeth Glück. It is said on Thursday, October 8, on the site of Nobel committee.

The prize was awarded to the poetess “for her unmistakable poetic voice, which with its severe beauty makes individual existence universal,” the committee specified.

Last year the Austrian writer Peter Handke became the laureate of the prize for literature.

The day before it became known that the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2020 were Emmanuel Charpentier and Jennifer Dudne for the development of methods for editing the genome. In recent years, they have been regularly named among the main candidates for the Nobel Prize.

On October 6 Reinhard Genzel, Roger Penrose and Andrea Gez became the laureates of the Nobel Prize in physics 2020. The award was given to scientists for their work in the field of black hole research.

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