Lufthansa has sent 31,000 employees on forced leave

Lufthansa has sent 31,000 employees on forced leave due to the cancellation of flights due to coronavirus. Of the 750 planes, 700 remain on the ground. The company’s management is counting on the state’s help, reports ARD TV channel.

An official representative of Lufthansa explained that employees of ground services go on forced leave until August 31. The issue with the pilots “is in the process of being resolved”. A total of 31,000 qualified workers are being recruited.

Air carriers are unlikely to recover quickly from the coronavirus crisis, according to company chairman Carsten Spur. “It will take us years to get the industry back to pre-crisis levels. The problem is getting so big that all global airlines have to reschedule their flight schedules,” the manager stressed.

The spur also pointed out that Lufthansa is negotiating with the government on possible financial assistance. According to him, Berlin is determined to maintain the airline’s competitive advantages in the domestic market and on a global scale. The company has proven its financial soundness many times so that emergency assistance in a crisis situation seems legitimate.

The European Union should be involved in solving the air transport problem. Politicians and businesses must act together so that they do not lose out in the global competition between the United States and China, concluded the head of Lufthansa.

Meanwhile, the critical situation with the coronavirus hit the flagship of the German economy hard. Thus, the Volkswagen group decided to send 80 thousand workers on forced leave due to the violation of logistics chains for the delivery of spare parts and a decline in sales, informs the business publication Deutsche Wirtchafts Nachrichten