Lukashenko called the UK “American butlers” because of the sanctions

On Monday, August 9, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the United Kingdom American henchmen because of the new sanctions imposed on Minsk.

“Who will impose economic sanctions, Great Britain? God is with you. Choke on these sanctions in the UK. We haven’t known this UK for thousands of years and we don’t want to know. You are American henchmen,” he said during the “Big Conversation.

Earlier in the day it was reported that Britain had imposed new sanctions against Belarus. In particular, the sanctions are aimed to prevent flights and landings of Belarusian airlines in Britain and to ban maintenance of the air fleet of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The sanctions are also imposed on Belarusian potash, petroleum products, goods and technologies for interception and monitoring, goods used in the manufacture of cigarettes, as well as dual-use goods and technologies, which are “aimed at reducing the amount of revenue flowing to the Lukashenko regime and limiting its access to goods that could lead to reprisals against the Belarusian population.

June 23, it was reported that the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the European Union (COREPER) had agreed to impose economic sanctions against Belarus and began the technical procedure of their registration. It was about the restrictions against seven sectors of the Belarusian economy, in particular, those focused on exports to the EU. June 21, the EU introduced a fourth package of individual sanctions against citizens of Belarus. The list was added up with 78 individuals and eight organizations.

The U.S. and Canada also imposed sanctions against Minsk.