Lukashenko ordered to take the CNN reporter to the camp for political prisoners in Belarus

During the Big Conversation, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko asked his press secretary to take a reporter of CNN to the place of the so-called concentration camp for political prisoners near Minsk.

A CNN journalist, who took part in making a report about the camp in Belarus, was present at the Big Conversation and had an opportunity to ask her questions. Before giving her the floor, press secretary Natalia Eismont commented for the President, “This is the one who discovered our concentration camps in broad daylight”.

“Boldly stepped up. So, Natalya Nikolaevna, take her to this camp of political prisoners, show her what they were showing”-Lukashenko declared

During the dialogue the Belarusian leader promised to give an exclusive interview to CNN on condition that “if CNN shows everything he says without cutting, cropping or adding.

Recall that earlier it was reported that a possible concentration camp for political prisoners was found by American journalists an hour’s drive from the capital of Belarus, near the village of Novokolosovo. CNN reports about it in its publication, citing video and eyewitness accounts.