Lukashenko promised a tough reaction of Belarus to the EU sanctions

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on Wednesday, May 26, that the republic would give a tough response to new sanctions and provocations from the EU.

“We will react harshly to any sanctions, attacks and provocations. Not because we want to put up a fight in the center of the continent. We’ve had enough of that. But because you there in the West leave us no other choice. We must stop you today because tomorrow it may be too late,” said the Belarusian leader during his speech in Parliament.

Also during the event, Lukashenko said that there was a terrorist in a Ryanair passenger plane, which was grounded in Minsk. According to him, this was known far beyond the borders of Belarus. The president also pointed out that the actions of Minsk in the situation with the airliner were adequate and proportionate to the risk of being informed about the bombing.

Lukashenko’s speech takes place against the background of another aggravation of relations between Minsk and the Western countries. This is associated with the incident that occurred on May 23. Then, the airliner Ryanair made an emergency landing in the Belarusian capital due to a report of a bombing, which was later not confirmed.

Roman Protasevich, the former chief editor of the Telegram channel NEXTA, recognized extremist in Belarus, was on board the plane; he was detained together with his companion, the Russian woman Sofia Sapega.