Lukashenko promised not to give up the authority in Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he is not going to cede his presidential seat to the opposition. This was announced by the Head of State on September 10 during the presentation of the new Prosecutor General Andrei Shved in his speech to the department employees.

“I want to tell you in a manly manner, so that we do not have some kind of understatement. I am often reproached for the fact that “he will not give up power. They reproach me correctly. The people didn’t choose me for this. Power is not given to be taken, thrown and given away,” he said.

The Belarusian leader emphasized that power is not given for someone to “take it, throw it and give it away”. According to Lukashenko, in the 1990s, the power was “lying in the mud” and “wiped its legs” about it.

During his speech, Lukashenko said that the situation with the protests in the republic should stabilize already this year. He specified that the main goal of the supervisory bodies should be to preserve security and independence of the republic.

The President of Belarus also drove through the center of Minsk. During his trip, he gave an umbrella to passerby women.