Lukashenko told about unpublished part of the conversation between Germany and Poland

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said there was an unpublished part of the conversation between Berlin and Warsaw, which was intercepted by the special services of the republic, about the “poisoning” of blogger Alexei Navalny, which contains sensational details. This was told on Wednesday, September 9 by Roman Babayan, chief editor of the radio station “Moscow Talks”.

The day before he took part in a big interview with the Belarusian leader.

“I will not quote literally, but I will pass on the meaning now. We have, says [Lukashenko], all this conversation, do you want to hear it? Naturally, we reacted immediately: of course we do, let’s listen! He says: but then ask the head of the FSB of Russia, he will let you listen to it, because I passed this tape to him,” Babayan said on the air of the radio station.

According to Babayan, the head of the republic promised more sensational details in the second part of the conversation.

“But, he said, I can tell you that this is nonsense, these are flowers. You have no idea what information we have and what berries are still ahead,” he said.

September 4 State television of Belarus released a recording of a conversation between Germany and Poland on the situation with Navalny. According to this recording, at the beginning of the conversation, the representative of Warsaw wants to know how things are in Berlin. His German interlocutor says that everything is going according to some plan and the materials “on the Navalny” will soon be transmitted to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.