Macron announced the return of the French ambassador to the U.S.

The French ambassador previously recalled from the US because of the submarine contract rupture scandal will return to Washington on September 29. French President Emmanuel Macron announced this on September 28 during a press conference with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“The French ambassador to Washington will return there tomorrow with a clear mandate for discussions to set the terms of the new commitments,” the French leader said.

As Macron continued, France remains an ocean power. Australia’s decision to trade a treaty with Paris for a contract with Washington and London will not change Paris’ strategy in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

According to the French leader, he is scheduled to have a new conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden in October, during which the politicians will continue to discuss further relations between the countries.

On September 22, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison noted how beneficial the AUKUS partnership is for European countries. He recalled the opportunities for the European Union in the Indo-Pacific region and listed how much of a benefit it is for Australians to cooperate with Europe.

On September 15, it became known that Australia, Great Britain and the United States had agreed on a new format of cooperation – within the framework of the AUKUS alliance. In the framework of the partnership over the next year and a half Australia will be given technology for the construction of nuclear submarines, will help to re-equip the armed forces. For the sake of new opportunities Canberra terminated the contract with Paris on delivery of submarines worth $66 billion. Australian leaders explained their decision by inconsistency of French submarines with new tasks.