Macron attended a concert of a heavy metal band at the Elysee Palace

French President Emmanuel Macron attended a private concert of the parody metal band ULTRA VOMIT in the gardens of the Elysee Palace. This was reported by Reuters.

To promote measures to protect against coronavirus infection, Macron asked France’s two leading YouTube comedians McFly and Carlito to record a video about the benefits of washing hands, wearing masks and keeping a social distance, according to the agency. He promised that if their video gets 10 million views, the comedians could shoot their next project at the Elysee Palace, reports NNS.

McFly and Carlito won the bet, and they were allowed to shoot a 36-minute video at the residence of the head of state. At the end of the video, Macron himself joins the parody-metal band ULTRA VOMIT in the Elysee Palace garden as a listener.

The band performed a hard-rock version of the famous French lullaby “Green Mouse” (Une Souris Verte) for the French leader.