Macron did not cancel tour of French regions after attack

French President Emmanuel Macron decided not to cancel plans to travel to regions of the country despite the attack in the Drome department. This was announced by French government spokesman Gabriel Attal.

“The president of the republic will continue to visit the regions according to his plans,” he said Wednesday, June 9, at a briefing after a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

At the same time, Attal noted that the French leader does not intend to give up direct communication with the inhabitants, and the organization of Macron’s security will not change.

The investigation into the incident in Droma is ongoing, the details will be disclosed later, he concluded.

In turn, BFMTV reported that one of the security officers of the head of state warned Macron of the possible danger just a few minutes before the slap incident.

“The security officers felt that the place where the slap occurred was not safe enough to communicate with the people. The security officer advised Emmanuel Macron not to go to the fence,” noted the TV channel.

At the same time, the journalists noted that such warnings are given quite often, but the decision on the follow-up is made by the president of the country.

Earlier, on June 8, Emmanuel Macron visited Drome, where he met with local residents as part of his tour. He approached the crowd, separated from him by a low metal fence, took one of the men by the hand and he responded by punching the President in the face.

Law enforcers apprehended the attacker, and a search later took place at his home. According to the lawyer Alan Duflo, the man can get up to three years in prison and €45 thousand fine for his act.

Macron himself, commenting on the attack, called what happened in Drom a separate incident and urged not to exaggerate its significance. According to the French president, “aggressive individuals should not be allowed to capture the public’s attention”.