Macron got a new name in French Polynesia

French President Emmanuel Macron during a meeting on the island of Hiva Oa in French Polynesia got a new name, this ceremony is one of the local traditions. This was reported by the publication Nouvelobs on July 26.

Macron was the only man in costume in the middle of Atuona Stadium, the main town of Hiva Oa. He was greeted by riders in the traditional local outfit of leaves. They sang the song Mave Mai.

“Our part of the French identity is welcome and accepted: we are Marquis, Polynesian, French, and we are proud of it, Mr. President,” said Hiva-Oa Mayor Joelle Frebo. She called the French leader by the Marquesan name of Te Hakaiki Ta’aoa, which means “a great leader who walks and goes far.”

During his visit to the islands, Macron voiced his support for the Marquesas Islands’ candidacy for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In October 2020, French Polynesian President Edouard Fritsch, who recently met with Macron in Paris, fell ill with a coronavirus. The 68-year-old politician was discharged after a course of treatment.