Macron made a condition for Muslim leaders in France

French imams have 15 days to adopt a charter of republican values. This condition was set for them by French President Emmanuelle Macron.

The charter implies strict separation of religion from education and the state, as well as a ban on foreign interference in Muslim communities, LCI TV channel reported on November 19.

It is reported that at a meeting with Makron on November 18, French Muslim leaders agreed to create a national council of imams, which will issue official accreditation for sermons.

In the morning of October 29, a Tunisian born in 1999 attacked people with a knife at the Church of Notre Dame in Nice. Three people died: two women and a 55-year-old employee of the church. Several other people were injured.

According to information from the country’s anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office, the intruder arrived in France on 9 October. During detention he was wounded.

The same day in Avignon the policemen liquidated a man who tried to attack law-enforcement bodies, and in Lyon an armed man was detained preparing an attack on passengers of streetcar.