Macron reported signs of coronavirus returning to France

France is showing signs of a renewed epidemic of coronavirus infection, but this time the country has prepared for a new wave of disease. Such a statement was made on Tuesday, July 14, by President Emmanuelle Macron, writes Le dauphine.

“We have managed to contain the virus and we have managed to get back to normal,” said Macron. “We have signs that it is starting again.

The country has a stock of personal protective equipment, including masks and respirators, he said. The French president stressed that the country also has considerable experience in fighting the spread of infection.

At the same time Macron announced the introduction of a mandatory mask regime in closed public places from August 1.

The day before, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adan Gebrejesus said that many states had gone in the wrong direction in the fight against coronavirus infection. However, he did not specify which countries had chosen the wrong strategy.

On July 7, Gebrejesus said the world has not yet passed the peak of coronavirus incidence. He added that the outbreak was now accelerating.