Macron said the authorities were not involved in the publication of Charlie Hebdo caricatures

French President Emmanuelle Macron stated on October 31 that the government had nothing to do with publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in French press and could not influence their authors.

“I understand the feelings of Muslims regarding the publication of cartoons against the Prophet Muhammad, but the government is not behind their publication, it comes from free and independent media not affiliated with the government,” Makron said in an interview with Al-Jazeera.

He said his words were misunderstood. As a result, the Muslim world feels as if he is a supporter of the cartoons.

A few days ago, a man attacked members of Notre Dame Church in Nice. Three people died: two women and a 55-year-old church worker.

This was the second attack in France in the past few weeks. Thus, on October 16 in the commune of Conflant-Saint-Honorin near Paris, a history teacher Samuel Pati was beheaded and at the lessons where the theme of freedom of speech was discussed, he demonstrated caricatures of prophet Mohammed.

After the attack, French President Emmanuelle Macron proposed tightening the country’s control over the financing of mosques, as well as creating an organization that would build an “enlightened Islam. His statements resented Turkey and several other Muslim countries.

In particular, Turkish President Recep Erdogan advised the French leader to “treat his psyche,” stating that “European fascism has reached a new level. Ankara’s harsh remarks resented the French authorities, after which Paris recalled its ambassador from Turkey for consultations.