Madonna’s daughter in a bikini caused public outrage

The 24-year-old Lourdes Leon will soon catch up with her famous mother, pop icon Madonna, over her ability to outrage the public.

But if Madonna’s love of provocation is complemented by great talent, Lourdes Leon is still only riding on the heat. Now the girl demonstrates a super secretive outfit, then shocking hairy armpits or legs, or chipped fingernails. Not surprisingly, the comparison to her mother is usually not in her favor. This was the case this time, when Lourdes decided to show her subscribers a photo of herself in a provocative swimsuit.

“Dress up, please, girl!”

“At least her mom can sing besides liking to show off her body. And a lot of talented people’s kids don’t have any ability and get attention like that.”

“Would anyone care about her if she wasn’t Madonna’s daughter? Why does she take her clothes off?”

Lourdes Leon was instantly bombarded with a barrage of criticism. By the way, some blamed the girl for the excessive Photoshop. After all, the paparazzi photos on the beach is not what she looks like: a bulging tummy, wrinkles on the back and cellulite in Madonna’s daughter can be seen with the naked eye.