Madrid has introduced a high availability mode due to COVID-19

The Spanish government has approved the introduction of a high availability regime in the Autonomous Community of Madrid due to the spread of coronavirus infection. This was announced on Friday, October 9, 24 horas TV channel reported.

It is noted that the measure will allow restricting entry and exit from the capital and nine other settlements.

At that, as Antenna 3 notes, Madrid authorities do not support the decision of the government.

According to Enrique Ruiz Escudero, advisor to the Department of Health under the government of the region, Madrid has a plan to fight against coronavirus, which works.

Since mid-September, Europe began to return restrictions against the backdrop of a new wave of coronavirus. Thus, from September 14, the “rule of six” came into force in England. Meetings of more than six people, except working meetings, are prohibited. Some regions of France also toughened security measures: it is prohibited to gather more than 10 people. And in Germany, the carnival season, traditionally held in November, was cancelled.