Mafia boss is ready to confess to falsification of US elections

The mechanism of falsification of the U.S. presidential election in Philadelphia was described on November 14 by The Buffalo Chronicle newspaper, citing its own sources.

The newspaper said that the Philadelphia mafia boss – Skinny Joey Merlino – was telling “in the higher echelons of the old mafia circles, mostly in Florida,” what may have become the falsification of the century: the presidential election in 2020. And he not only tells the mafia about it, but is ready to testify under oath in Congress.

This feat, the newspaper writes, evokes praise from the remote corners of the Italian-American business community, which sees the administration’s gratitude as the key to reviving the political influence of the mafia community.

But its partner says Merlino may just want to turn in Joe Biden and politicians in Pennsylvania who have ordered about 300,000 ballot papers marked for Biden. The source claims Merlino and a small team of his employees produced the ballots at a price of $10 per ballot – and received $3 million in three days’ work. They were then packed in unsightly cardboard boxes and unloaded outside the Philadelphia Convention Center, where the votes were counted.

Sources who spoke to The Buffalo Chronicle on condition of anonymity say Merlino took the ballots from two private houses, where a handful of his trustees marked the ballots with Sharpie markers. They were paid more than $1,000 per hour and produced thousands of ballots every hour for more than 60 hours in a row.

Bulletins were purchased for cash. It is not specified by whom they were purchased.

It is believed that Democratic Party supporters working in the Philadelphia Election Office provided Merlino with boxes of blank ballots a few hours before polling stations closed on election night. Ballot boxes were delivered to two private homes in South Philadelphia. By 22:00 that night, the Merlino team was already producing more than 3000 ballots per hour. By midnight, the capacity had been increased to 6000 ballots per hour.

In exchange for a full reversal of previous convictions (and an amnesty for vote-rigging in this election), Merlino says he agrees to testify in Congress.

“He wants a clean biography. He wants to fish and hunt in the federal lands. He would really like to work in the National Parks Service. To get these things, you need a clean biography,” one of Merlino’s trustees explained to the newspaper. – But what he wants most of all is praise from the grateful people for testifying.

“He would not mind a certain amount of glory – or great fame – the source joked. – If he testifies, he will probably get a contract for a book and a franchise for a movie.

Political analysts believe Merlino could sell the rights to his story to a major Hollywood production studio for more than $20 million, and a deal with the book could bring in as much as $10 million.

That alone would be enough evidence of 300,000 illegal votes cast for Biden to change the result of the Pennsylvania election. At the moment, Biden outpaced Trump by 100 thousand votes. If we subtract 300 thousand votes from his result, Trump will be the winner with an advantage of 200 thousand votes. And this is despite the fact that the votes of all the dead people who voted will remain with Biden.