Makron’s comments on Islam were compared with fascism in Turkey

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Fahrettin Altun, head of the Presidential Administration’s communications department, compared French leader Emmanuel Macron’s remarks about Islam and Muslims with fascism.

According to Altun, Macron discriminates against Muslims living in France and Europe for political reasons, using fear and ignorance. He also assured that figures like Makron sow hostility towards Islam.

“‘The Macron follows an old fascist scenario that targeted Jews in Europe. We must hold such irresponsible figures accountable,” Altun wrote on Twitter.

In October, Makron, speaking on the fight against separatism in France, proposed tightening control over the finances of mosques, as well as creating an organization that would build “enlightened Islam.

In response, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan advised him to “treat the psyche. Ankara’s harsh remarks resented the French authorities, after which Paris recalled its ambassador from Turkey for consultations.

Later, Erdogan also called for a boycott of French goods by the French Foreign Ministry called the calls groundless.