Man in Canada kills entire family to keep his secret

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A resident of Canada killed his entire family so his relatives would not know about his double life. It was reported by The Mirror.

The tragedy happened in the city of Markham. Menhaz Zaman, 23, a native of Bangladesh, did not want to tell his parents that he was not really studying engineering and spent all day playing computer games instead of studying. He could not get into university and was accepted to a local college, but then expelled because he failed. The man did not tell his family, but for several years he left home every day with a laptop and returned late at night, writes the website

The day before his graduation, Zaman decided to kill his relatives, so that they would not find out about his lies. Around 3 pm, when his father and younger sister were not at home, the young man killed his mother who was resting. About an hour later he killed his grandmother as well. In the evening he killed his sister, who had returned from work, and after midnight he killed his father.

The man then contacted his friends on the Internet and told them what he had done. At first they didn’t believe him, but then he sent them selfies with the bodies of those killed and a bloody knife. The online gaming partners then reported the matter to the police, knowing only the nickname of the killer.

By the next morning the police had located Zaman and arrived at the house. Zaman was at the scene with the bodies of his relatives. For four murders the Canadian was given life imprisonment without the right to pardon for the first 40 years