Man walking a cat on a leash was fined in France

A man who walked a cat on a leash was fined in France for violating the quarantine. This was reported by portal 20 Minutes on April 6.

The fine is to be paid to a resident of the southern French department of Gar. There, gendarmes monitor compliance with restrictive measures with a drone. He helped find the man who was walking the cat on a leash. According to the site, the animal did not look as if it was used to it.

During the inspection, the law enforcement officers found that a resident of the commune of Grodu-Roi had no form required for any exit from the house, including walking with a pet. Thus, a walk with a cat resulted in a fine of €135 for its owner.

Since March 17, due to the coronavirus epidemic in France, the authorities have imposed strict restrictions on the movement of people, violators are facing a fine. There are no restaurants, cafes, cinemas and non-food shops in the country. It’s impossible to leave the apartment without an official paper even to walk a pet, the TV channel “360” specifies. According to the latest data, the number of cases of COVID-19 in France is approaching 99 thousand, and died about 9 thousand people.

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