Mark Hamill says he’s not going to appear in any possible sequels to Star Wars

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Who’s Luke Skywalker? That’s right, one of the main characters in the Star Wars universe, Jedi, brother of Leah Organs Solo.

“Star Wars” is one of the most popular film trilogies. The role of Luke Skywalker was played by Mark Hamill. Charismatic, brilliant, a favorite of millions.

He did. He managed to get out of a difficult situation without losing himself. Luke always remained a strong and wise Jedi warrior, for which he was loved by many Star Wars fans.

But time is flowing rapidly, turning the present into the past. And everyone’s favorite Skywalker, or rather Mark Hamill, is in the past. Despite the fact that the actor played an amazing role, he made a decision for himself. Mr. Hamill said that he wouldn’t be filming in the future, if he did.

“No, I can’t imagine that,” says 68-year-old Mark. – I had the beginning of the film, its sequel and the end. Farewell was in episode IX, it was very bitter, but also sweet. These movies gave me more than I could have expected. I love the crew, I love my hero. I’m grateful to them that the movies gave me my career. But it’s bad to be greedy. There are too many young, promising actors, and great stories to tell.

Despite the fact that the man is not planning to star in “Star Wars” again, it does not mean that he decided to forget about his acting career. Now Mark is on such a standard of living that he can afford to shoot for fun, not for a living. In addition to possessing acting talent, Mark also sings. Maybe a man will soon please his fans with his own audio album.