Marriott hotel chain announced data leaks of 5.2 million guests

March 31, American hotel chain Marriott International reported a data leak of 5.2 million of its guests due to unauthorized access through the account of two employees.

“In late February 2020, the company discovered that an unexpected amount of guest information could be accessed through the passwords of two employees at a franchised facility … At this point, the company believes that… it has affected approximately 5.2 million customers,” said Brendan McManus, director of public relations.

It is noted that illegal activities to publish personal data began in January 2020. After the discovery of the leak, the companies reported the disconnection of malicious accounts of employees. So far, Marriott together with the security authorities have launched an internal investigation and a special web resource has been created to further inform the network’s customers.

Marriott specified that it is about the leak of names and surnames, passport data, dates of birth, preferences, account data on hotel loyalty programs around the world.

The company noted that the overall costs associated with this incident will not be significant. The amount of compensation payments to customers is currently being assessed.