Marvel’s Avengers – how to get free credits

How to get free Credits in Marvel’s Avengers? How to avoid buying paid currency in “Avengers”? Like many other games, cozily located under the umbrella of “games-as-a-service”, the latest game from Crystal Dynamics includes microtransactions. The game currency is called Credits and can be exchanged for Hero Challenge Card, a kind of battle pass, as well as cosmetic items for each superhero in the game. But what if we tell you that you can get Credits for free? To get them for free, and quite a lot, you need to pass each test in Hero Challenge Card. Heroes have their own combat pass, 40 stages of which are opened without the need to buy it. Passing the tests, you will be able to gain 1500 credits, which you can use in the store. If you finish all six (at the moment) passes Hero Challenge Card, you will get 9000 Credits! And you will not pay a cent for it.

Credits that you will get, you can spend on cosmetic items: outfits, finishing beats, emotions, cool dies for heroes. Or, perhaps even better, you can save these credits to buy other heroes that will appear in the game over time. Each of them will cost 1000 Credits for unlocking. Enjoy Marvel’s Avengers without spending too much money.