Mass brawl took place in the Armenian parliament

A mass fight took place in the National Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia during the session on Friday, May 8. This was reported by local media.

The scuffle took place during the speech of the head of “Bright Armenia” opposition faction Edmon Marukyan. The politician urged the MPs in their speeches not to insult the opponents. After that, a verbal altercation broke out between him and Sasoun Mikaelyan, a member of the ruling “My Step” party. The politicians rose from their seats, and Mikaelyan hit Marukyan.

At first, other lawmakers tried to separate their opponents, but as a result of the fight, it became mass.

National Assembly Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan was forced to call a break in the session, writes 1lurer.

This is not the first scuffle between Armenian politicians in recent years. Thus, on April 29 the Vice Speaker of the National Assembly Alain Simonian joined the hand-to-hand fight with the head of “Adequate” party Arthur Danielian after being insulted by him.