Matt Damon reveals his true reaction to Ben Affleck and J.Lo’s reunion

The 50-year-old actor continues to promote his new movie, “Stillwater” while also answering questions about his best friend’s personal life. The other day, Jennifer Lopez confirmed on Instagram her reunion with Ben Affleck, which happened 17 years after breaking up. The celebrities flew to France together, where J.Lo celebrated her 52nd birthday in Saint-Tropez.

Matt Damon seems to have had enough of the “Bennifer 2.0” hype and has begun to crack jokes in response to questions about the topic. Recently, for example, he appeared on SiriusXM, where radio host Jess Cagle teased him, “You’re so happy for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. I know you love it when people ask you that.”

“Yeah. But how else would I feel? Would I be unhappy? Like, I hate true love. Yes. I hate it. I only wish them bad luck,” the actor joked.

Earlier, Damon said that he often writes Affleck, wishing to confirm this or that information about a friend appearing on the network. “We correspond about almost everything. There’s so much written about him in the press, so I usually clarify if what I’ve read is true. “Was it?” And he’s like, ‘No, that didn’t happen,'” Matt noted in an interview with People at the premiere of “Stillwater” in New York.