Maurice the rooster who defended his right in court to coo in the morning died in France

Maurice the rooster died in France, who was allowed to cock early in the morning by court. This was reported by radio station France Bleu on Thursday, June 18, citing the department of Maritime Charente.

The rooster’s mistress, Corinne Fesso, said he died in early May because of acute rhinitis. The bird was six years old.

“It broke my heart. We bought a new rooster and called him Maurice too, he sings well. But he will never be our Maurice,” Fesso says.

She added that she had been hesitant to tell us about the death of her pet the whole time.

A few years ago, Fesso’s elderly neighbors went to court for Maurice’s loud cuckoo, which kept them from sleeping. The plaintiffs’ lawyers demanded that Corinne pay one thousand euros as compensation. In addition, Fesso’s opponents created two petitions, which collected 155 thousand signatures.

In June 2019, the first hearing in the case was held, and neither the loud bird owner nor the petitioners themselves appeared. In September of the same year, the French commune court of Rochefort dismissed the suit. Thus, the rooster was officially allowed to scream from the very early morning.