Maximum penalty for breach of quarantine was prescribed in Italy

In Italian city Pescara jogging on the beach cost the athlete €4 thousand, reports TGCOM24.

The TV channel has published an amateur video, which shows a young man running on the seashore. At some point, a law enforcement officer approached him, after which the athlete accelerated his run and fled from the scene.

Despite this, the quarantine violator was identified and sent a €4 thousand fine notice.

On April 7, a man was fined in France for violating the quarantine while walking his cat on a leash.

Italy closed the quarantine on March 10. The authorities banned any public events and celebrations. Museums, cinemas, entertainment centers and theaters are also out of operation.

April 10, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during a press conference announced the extension of the quarantine regime in the country until May 3.