Mayor of Riga replaced the national flag of Belarus with the opposition one at the Ice Hockey World Cup

Riga Mayor Martins Stakis, together with Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevich, replaced the national flag of Belarus at the World Hockey Championship with the white-red-white one, which had been the official flag in 1991-1995.

“Among the flags of the hockey championship participants, we raise the flag of free Belarus, which was entrusted to me by the Belarusian political émigrés! But the flag, symbolizing the regime, which carries out state terrorism, cannot be hung in Riga – so we took it down,” the politician wrote on his Twitter, attaching a photo of it.

May 23, Ryanair airline plane, routed from Athens to Vilnius, made an emergency landing in Minsk after the reports about the bombings. Roman Protasevich, the creator of Telegram-channel NEXTA, which covered the protests against the presidential elections in Belarus in August 2020, was detained on board.

Earlier, it was reported that the European Union summoned the post of Belarusian representative because of the incident with the Ryanair flight.