McDonald’s employee told about a way to eat for free in the restaurant

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An employee of one of McDonald’s fast food restaurants in the U.S. told in her TikTok about how to eat for free in the institution. The Daily Mirror newspaper reported about it.

She noted that if the employees of McDonald’s have mixed up the dishes in the order or the client has to wait too long, then we can say about it, after which the order will be replaced and most likely the money will be returned.

At the same time, the girl called to do it politely and calmly, reminding that the restaurants are staffed by ordinary people who do not want to listen to the dissatisfaction and shouting at their address.

In 2019, it became known that a South African student had free lunch at KFC fast-food restaurants for a year, pretending to be a checker from the company’s head office.

The impostor wore a strict suit during his visits so as not to arouse suspicion and also had a fake ID. Employees, however, noted that he knew what to ask and inspect in the kitchen, and suggested that he had worked for KFC in the past.