McGregor sold his brand of whiskey for hundreds of millions dollars

Irish mixed style (MMA) fighter Conor McGregor has sold a majority stake in his whiskey brand Proper No to Proximo Spirits. It is reported by the Independent.

According to the source, the deal cost the distributor $600 million. At the same time, McGregor will remain the main face of the brand and continue to promote it.

Proper No whiskey has been produced since 2018. Prior to the deal, McGregor, the fighter’s manager Odi Attar, and co-founder Ken Austin owned a controlling stake. Proximo Spirits, meanwhile, owned 49 percent of the shares.

On July 10, Conor McGregor will fight American Dustin Poirier for his third fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Their confrontation will headline the event. Tickets for the tournament sold out in seconds. McGregor is a former UFC champion in two weight classes.