Media: the journalist who was gone in Turkey was mutilated and beheaded

The Saudi journalist Gamal Khashoggi underwent tortures and was beheaded in consulate general of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. Such statement was made by the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Safak referring to the audio recordings studied by her employees which were made during murder of the journalist.

The newspaper writes that in Khashoggi’s consulate underwent cruel tortures. To it allegedly cut off fingers during interrogation, and then beheaded. Also she notes that she has “a large number of audio recordings of murder”. On one of them the Saudi consul general Muhammad Ibrahim al-Uteybi allegedly asks to deal shortly with Khashoggi outside diplomatic mission and “not to attract on it a trouble”. On other record al-Uteybi allegedly says a phrase: “If you want to survive after arrival to Saudi Arabia, become silent”. Officially this version did not receive confirmation or a denial from the Turkish authorities yet.

The last time of the journalist living in the USA was seen on October 2 when it entered the building of Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul to process documents for a marriage on the Turkish bride. Said to the girl who waited several hours that her groom left. However he did not contact. According to the Turkish media, Apple Watch transferred to the mode of record and synchronized with iPhone which Khashoggi left to the bride was written down by interrogation, tortures and murder of the journalist. Besides, it is reported that found in consulate also other evidence of death of the journalist.

The Turkish television showed earlier records of surveillance cameras on which it is visible how Khashoggi comes into consulate, on a photo and video arrival in Turkey of the assumed “group of murderers” of the journalist from 15 people who in the country are considered employees of the Saudi intelligence also got.

According to media, the group arrived in Istanbul several hours prior to Khashoggi’s disappearance and left soon after it, at the same time in team there were a pathologist and the colonel of the Saudi intelligence Makher Mutreb who often accompanied on foreign trips of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman Al Saod. It forces to assume that murder of the journalist initially was a part of operation or at least it was provided by it.

Considering that the prince positions himself as reformer, and approved his activity including the killed Khashoggi, connection with murder of the journalist can cost to the prince of reputation in the West with whom he long time tries to improve the relations.

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