Medical Commission report on Maradona’s death points to medical negligence

The medical board that analyzed the circumstances of the death of ex-football player Diego Maradona concluded that his attending physicians did not treat him properly. It was reported on Tuesday, April 27, by the Argentine newspaper Clarin.

“With his [Maradona’s] medical records he should have been treated in a different way,” the paper notes.

According to the medical commission, Maradona’s physician Leopoldo Luque and psychiatrist Agustina Kosachov did not pay proper attention to his heart problems, as well as his cirrhosis, and did not provide the care he needed.

The commission also found that Maradona’s death occurred in his sleep between 04:00 and 06:00 on November 25, 2020. Prior to that, it was known that the paramedics who arrived on the scene gave the time of death as 1:15 p.m. . The new information contradicts the testimony of nurse Diane Madrid, who initially said that she went into the ex-football player’s room in the morning, but later admitted that she did not see him, but heard him walking around the room at around 07:30 .

According to some lawyers, the new information could lead to an increase in the charges in the Maradona death case from “causing death by negligence” (up to five years in prison) to “causing death with indirect intent” (8 to 25 years in prison) or “failure to provide care resulting in death” (5 to 15 years in prison). Seven people are currently facing charges, including Luque, Kosachov and Madrid. The full report of the medical board will be published in May.

Maradona died Nov. 25 at age 61. The cause of death was acute heart failure, which led to pulmonary edema. The Argentine prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the alleged negligence on the part of the ex-footballer’s doctors.