Medics described features of the future coronavirus vaccine

The future coronavirus vaccine can be adjusted if the virus mutates. This was announced on Thursday, May 7, by Robert Koch Lars Shaade, deputy head of the Institute.

“There is a concept of the vaccine, which in principle is approved for use, which is safe and can be adjusted. Therefore, in general, and for the coronavirus it can be imagined if there are such mutations in the future,” he said at a briefing, which was broadcast on Twitter organization.

Previously on the day, Shaade said that in the worst case scenario, if people stop following restrictive measures, the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Germany could begin in July and August.

According to the latest data from the Worldometer statistical office, 168,162 infections have been recorded in Germany, with 7275 patients deceased and another 139,900 recovering.

On May 7, German Chancellor Helge Braun, head of department of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, said on the air of Deutschlandfunk that the country will live in a coronavirus pandemic at least until the end of the year.

According to him, the Germans “behave in an exemplary manner,” so the authorities did not have to take harsh measures, which were introduced in other countries. Brown recalled the need to maintain social distance.