Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were paid for refusing to have more than two children

Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, were rewarded for their decision to have only two heirs. The couple have been called role models for families.

The Dukes of Sussex have been active advocates for the environment. This is expressed not only in charity, but also in intimate matters. Meghan and Harry refused to create a large family in order to reduce their personal impact on the environment. For this, the charity Population Matters has decided to donate £500 to the couple.

“Small families reduce our impact on the Earth and give all our children, their children and future generations a better chance to thrive on a healthy planet. By choosing and publicly announcing their intention to limit their family to two children, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are helping to ensure a better future for their children and serving as role models,” The Sun reports the organization as saying.

The organization added that they hope Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will donate the money they receive to charity. The official PM website also has a global population counter. As of July 10, 2021, the figure was 7,884,753,982 people.

Harry announced his intention not to create a large family, in an interview with the British edition of Vogue. In his statements, he acted as the exact opposite of his brother William. The Dukes of Cambridge are the parents of three children, so they were offended by Harry’s words that a large family harms the planet. However, William tried not to give importance to his brother’s statement, understanding that they have different views on life.

The Duke of Sussex has been concerned with the well-being of the planet since childhood. He was even kicked out of school because he picked up trash on the grounds. Teachers found it extremely strange and considered it pampering. But Megan’s husband had developed this habit from his father. On his walks, Charles would pick up trash after those who didn’t use the trash can.

“I used to get kicked out of school for just picking up trash. I don’t go around doing it consciously. It just happens by itself when I go for a walk. If I see something like that, I pick it up, like I’m programmed to. That’s what my father does,” Harry told the BBC documentary.

The birth of Meghan and Harry’s daughter eased the tension in their conflict with the royal family. Middleton began corresponding with Markle, discussing motherhood.