Meghan Markle frankly told why she boycotted social networks

The Duchess of Sussex has acted at online conference of magazine Fortune and in interview to the assistant to editor Emma Hinchcliff has explained, why she doesn’t have any page in social networks. And although many of Meghan Markle’s fans believed that the reason was her connection to the royal family, the star explained that it was actually her personal choice.

“For my own safety, I have not been on the social network for a very long time. A few years ago I had a personal account, which I closed, and then we had an account representing our office in the United Kingdom. We did not manage it – there was a whole team there,” said the wife of Prince Harry.

“I decided not to keep any page, so I have no idea what is going on there. And in many senses it helps me. I worry about people obsessed with social networks. For many it’s an essential part of everyday life, so it’s a real addiction along with others,” Meghan continued.

She added that even without social networks she can communicate with people and share her thoughts with the world.

“Everything I do is for Archie, our son,” concluded the Duchess. – I am very happy to be back home to the States, and I hope that when the borders will gradually open, I will be able to continue to communicate with people in a different format, be able to roll up my sleeves and work fully at home.