Meghan Markle hints at the real reason for leaving the Royal Family

Prince Harry’s wife, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, hinted at the true reason for leaving the British royal family in her video message for the Girl Up online summit. This was reported by the Daily Star on Wednesday, July 15.

The former actress gave a speech at a virtual meeting, which was attended by almost 40 thousand people aged 13 to 22 years from 172 countries. She began her video with a motivational speech on how important it is to follow your goals and develop internally, but then Markle opened up. Refusing privilege and moving first to Canada and then to the United States, the Duchess explained in a veiled manner.

“Your intuition will tell you what’s right and wrong. “What is right and what is wrong. The hardest part, and this has been the hardest part for me, is to maintain my beliefs with action,” she said.

The wife of the prince shared her thoughts on how she handled the unpleasant comments she made.

“Negative comments will always happen and they can seem too loud; sometimes they can even hurt you. But you can use your inner voice to suppress outside noise,” she said.

Last year the couple resigned from the British Royal Family and expressed a desire to live on their own, as well as to earn their own money. In particular, the couple planned to launch their own charity fund.

However, on June 14 it became known that the opening ceremony of the Archewell Foundation has been postponed, as the couple wanted to focus on the fight against the coronavirus and support the Black Lives Matter movement.