Meghan Markle makes fun of the Queen in a new video

Royal biographer Angela Levine has accused Meghan Markle of mocking Elizabeth II. The expert watched the video, which was recorded by Duchess of Sussex on her 40th birthday, and concluded that the wife of Prince Harry was making fun of the British monarchy.

Recall, Meghan Markle published a tape on the website of the charity Archewell, which was filmed at the mansion in Montecito. In the video she announced her new 40×40 initiative. The Duchess of Sussex asked 40 friends to devote 40 minutes to talking to women who are about to return to the workplace after cuts during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Levine saw a hidden meaning in the video. The author of the acclaimed Harry: Conversations with the Prince suggested that Markle had deliberately mocked Her Majesty by making unflattering references to traditional English tea drinking and wearing “fancy hats and gloves.”

In the first 30 seconds of the recording, actress Melissa McCartney, with whom Meghan talks during the video, pretends not to notice the camera on. “Hold on, I’ll be right back,” she says to the duchess before reappearing in the frame, having changed into a floral print dress, hat and gloves. In her hands, she holds an elegant cup on a platter from an expensive service. In front of Megan on the table is also an intricate piece of china.

“Anyone else see Meghan and her friend Melissa McCartney messing with the queen? – Angela Levine addressed her Twitter followers. – Both are holding an old-fashioned cup and saucer, just like Meghan did on her blog after her first meeting with Elizabeth II… This mockery shows what she really thinks of the royal family. She got everything she wanted and she’s sure she can outsmart everyone. We’ll just have to wait for Harry’s next outpouring in his memoir.”

Royal biographer Robert Jobson agreed in part with Ms. Levine and tweeted, “Maybe she’s really messing with the British … with this outdated caricature. It’s all right for her.”

But Meghan was predictably met with a barrage of criticism. And it’s not just alleged ridicule of the queen. The hosts of the Australian show Today were also clearly not happy with the video of the Duchess of Sussex. “I love that she’s telling people how to get back to work, even though she herself gave up her royal duties before she lasted two years,” chuckled TV star Sophie Walsh. Her colleague Carl Stefanovich noted that the Sussex’s themselves make millions of dollars working from home, and mocked the Duchess’ American accent: “No wonder Harry juggles the streets!”