Meghan Markle prepares for “tough fight” with Buckingham Palace

Meghan Markle, 39, is determined to defend her honor and dignity to the end after a series of allegations by Buckingham Palace staff against her, The Mirror reports. The Duchess of Sussex will issue a complete refutation of the information that she “bullied” the royal staff and demand that the opposing side provide a list of facts and evidence of bullying on her part, if any.

It is noted that “at least ten” former palace employees are ready to help the investigation, which began back in early March and is being conducted by an independent law firm.

To recap, the Times magazine earlier revealed, citing insiders, that Meghan Markle was bullying her aides. She kicked out two of her personal assistants, and the rest were very wary of her. This information was confirmed by the former communications secretary of the Dukes of Sussex Jason Knauf, who filed a complaint against Meghan back in 2018. Prince Harry, however, long persuaded him to withdraw the application.

The current press secretary of the Sussexes, for his part, hastened to refute these speculations in the media. He stated that Buckingham Palace was thus undermining the Dukes’ credibility because of the airing of their big interview with Oprah Winfrey. “Meghan and Harry have been the victims of a calculated smear campaign based on misleading misinformation,” the couple’s spokesman said.

The investigation is ongoing, and the announcement of the results may be delayed until next year.

“The feeling is that things are going to lead to a fierce fight between the Duchess of Sussex, who is known to be contesting all the allegations against her,” the insider noted. – The palace is taking the investigation very seriously and wants to get to the bottom of the truth and see if the staff allegations of bullying and harassment are true. Meghan is adamant. She still maintains that the staff simply wasn’t doing their jobs.”

Royal expert Robert Lacey, author of “Battle of the Brothers” and a consultant on the TV series “The Crown,” adds that this is when Prince William and Prince Harry had a major rift in their relationship. The Duke of Cambridge allegedly stood up to the courtiers and kicked his brother and his wife out of Kensington Palace at Frogmore House for their immoral behavior: “William suspected that Meghan was initially hostile to the royal system. She planned from the beginning to leave the monarchy and return to America. Harry adopted the worst qualities from her – he also yelled at his aides. Kate was always wary of Meghan, and William felt betrayed. He was afraid that Markle would steal his little brother away from him.”