Meghan Markle’s secret plan to alienate Prince Harry from the royal family goes into effect

On July 19, Prince Harry announced that he will write a memoir about his life in which he will talk openly and unabridged about his growing up in the royal family, his military service, his decision to remove himself from royal duties and his life in California. The book is expected to be available in early 2022. As it turns out, neither Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, nor any other relative knew anything about Harry’s plans until recently, and now they are in a state of confusion and rage.

Immediately, several royal experts have expressed the view that the very idea to release the memoirs did not belong to Prince Harry, and his wife – Meghan Markle. They suspect that the Duchess of Sussex will also take part in writing most of the chapters.

“It will be interesting to see if Meghan writes this book as well – because she seems to write everything Harry passes off as his thoughts almost daily,” The Sun’s royal photo reporter Arthur Edwards noted caustically.

Another insider, who wished to remain anonymous, gave away just one, but very pithy phrase: “Harry’s book written by Meghan’s hand.”

Royal biographer Phil Dampier also suggested that the Duchess had gone to great lengths to convince her husband to write a candid autobiography. In an article for the Daily Express, he addressed Prince Harry, warning that publishing the book would worsen the already strained relationship between him and the royal family.

“They will be desperate that Harry – no doubt prompted by Meghan – just won’t leave them alone. Obviously, when the prince arrived at the unveiling of the Diana statue earlier this month, little progress had been made in his relationship with his father or his brother. If he had respected their opinion, he would not have written this book because they did not approve of it. Harry wants to present himself as a mature family man who has learned from past mistakes and become a learned man. But I’m afraid that many people will see the release of the autobiography as just another way to make money off the name of the unhappy royal family,” Dampier commented.

Another insider previously claimed that Meghan is exactly the kind of woman who knows how to pull the right strings in a relationship.

“Of the two of them, she definitely wears the pants. A strong, opinionated woman who has her own clear ideas about everything in the world. And that’s the main trait that attracts Harry to her,” the source noted.