Member of the European Parliament from Germany assessed the recognition of same-sex marriages in the EU

German MEP Nikolaus Fest commented in an interview on Wednesday, September 15, on the European Parliament resolution on the need to recognize same-sex marriages and partnerships throughout the European Union.

Fest believes that there is no need to promote non-traditional relationships among children. And what adults “do in their bedroom should stay between them.

In the deputy’s opinion, states should regulate such matters themselves.

“This is not the competence of the European Union. This is a violation of the rights of the member states. One of the principles of democracy is that people in their majority decide what is acceptable to their country and what is not. The European Union must take this into account and rethink everything,” Fest stressed.

If a nation, politicians and parliament of a country choose what they think is right and what is wrong, it is up to them to decide, the deputy summarized.

On September 14, a press release on the website of the European Parliament announced a resolution in defense of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people. The document noted that EU countries should remove all obstacles that LGBTIQ people face in exercising their rights.

It states that marriages or registered partnerships entered into in one EU member state should be recognized in all EU member states.

The European Parliament also condemned countries that allow discrimination against sexual minorities, such as Hungary and Poland, stressing that “the European Commission should take coercive measures against Romania, where the government has not updated national legislation.

The resolution called on all EU countries to equate the adults named on a child’s birth certificate with their legal parents, as if the child had been born to or adopted by a heterosexual couple.