Merkel allowed tightening of measures on COVID-19 in Germany

Due to the rapid growth of the disease, German authorities are thinking about more stringent measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. This was announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, July 22, at the annual Big Summer Press Conference held for the 16th time this year.

“It is already possible, and some states have already passed resolutions, I would like to point out, it is already possible to have an impact to introduce additional measures again when the disease increases. Again, we can go as far as to see when the health system will be overwhelmed,” she was quoted as saying by Stern.

The Chancellor specified that it was a question of growth of number of cases of delta strain COVID-19.

According to Merkel, further measures may become one of the topics for discussion at the conference with regional prime ministers, which will be held in connection with the floods in the west and south-west of the country.

Germany has 3,756,408 cases of COVID-19, and 3,642,600 people have recovered since the pandemic began, according to the international statistical office Worldometer.

On July 16, the chancellor had already noted that the new strain of COVID-19 delta poses new challenges for Germany.

On July 14, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adanom Gebreyesus reported that the Indian strain has been reported in more than 111 countries, so WHO expects that “it will soon become the dominant strain circulating in the world, if it hasn’t already.”

The COVID-19 Delta strain has now become dominant in France, Germany and the United States.