Merkel announced that Germany is entering a “new phase of the pandemic”

The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany urged the residents of Germany to adhere to the “basic requirements” necessary to prevent the spread of a new type of virus.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that although Germany is entering a “new phase of a pandemic” with less severe restrictions, residents should adhere to the “basic requirements” necessary to prevent the spread of a new type of virus. It made a brief statement to this effect in Berlin on Monday, 11 May, prior to a government meeting on pandemic issues.

“It is very important for me to pay attention to the fact that we are entering a new phase of the pandemic and that it will now be necessary that, along with the easing (of the restrictive measures – Ed.), we really have the confidence that people will follow the basic prescriptions: to keep distance, to cover their mouth and nose as a sign of respect for others. This is very important,” she stressed.

At this stage, Reuters notes, there will be two challenges: health authorities will have to monitor the infection chain more closely and isolate those who get sick.

What is the point of the loosening

On May 6, the German government and the federal state authorities agreed on a draft for the second phase of lifting the restrictions imposed in March to curb the outbreak of coronavirus. During a conference call, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the 16 federal states agreed to resume mass and professional clean air sports and to open all shops.

The social distance measures are extended until June 5. However, a relaxation is also planned here: relatives living in two different households will soon be allowed to meet.

The authorities in the individual Federal Provinces are responsible for setting specific dates for the phase-out of the quarantine and for taking action to curb new outbreaks of coronavirus on the ground.