Merkel called U.S. sanctions against Nord Stream 2 illegal

On Tuesday, September 1, German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed Germany’s commitment to building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“The Federal Government intends to complete the gas pipeline. We consider the extraterritorial sanctions of the Americans, whose actions extend beyond the U.S., illegal,” Ostsee Zeitung quoted her as saying.

Last December, the U.S. first imposed sanctions against companies involved in the implementation of Nord Stream-2. As a result, the project was suspended.

At the same time, Washington continues to exert pressure on European companies involved in the construction of “Nord Stream – 2”. In particular, American senators demanded from Mukran port operator to stop supporting this project and threatened with “financial destruction”.

On August 18, prime minister of the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Manuela Schwezig called U.S. sanctions against “Nord Stream-2” unacceptable. The prime minister stressed that her region would not abandon the gas pipeline and urged Berlin and the EU not to allow themselves to be blackmailed.