Merkel stated that she complies quarantine measures and wears a mask in the shop

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she complies with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute for Virology and wears a medical mask when visiting stores. She said this during a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, which was broadcast on Twitter on June 29.

According to Merkel, if the social distance is respected, the mask is not needed. “But when I go shopping, we obviously do not see you, so you could see me wearing a mask,” she said, answering the question of why he never shows up in public with a protective mask.

The German Chancellor added that she adheres to the recommendations and many people will have the opportunity to see her in the mask.

“We live in the midst of a pandemic. And the fact that we don’t see the virus doesn’t mean that it’s gone,” Merkel added, stressing that conclusions must be drawn from experience.

The talks between the two countries’ leaders took place at the Messeberg government residence near Berlin.

On June 25, the director of the World Health Organization’s Regional Bureau for Europe, Hans Kluge, said that the number of COVID-19 cases in Europe had begun to grow as restrictions had eased. On 22 June, WHO reported a record increase in new coronavirus cases, with 183,000 cases detected per day.