Merkel stated the importance of preserving gas transit through Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, July 15, at a press conference after talks in Washington with U.S. President Joe Biden said that for her Nord Stream 2 does not mean replacing gas transit through Ukraine. She broadcast the news on the White House Twitter account.

The politician also noted that the positions of Germany and the United States on the project differed, but both countries considered it important to preserve transit through Ukraine.

According to her, Kiev must remain a gas transit country, and the Nord Stream-2 pipeline is only an additional project, and not a replacement for the Ukrainian transit.

Answering journalists’ questions, the Chancellor stressed that in case Russia violates its obligations on gas transit through Ukraine, the European Union can use “many tools” against Russia.

“The Federal Republic of Germany and the EU made a lot of efforts to conclude an agreement on gas transit through Ukraine, it is worth hoping that it will be preserved,” Merkel stressed.