Metal fans started a huge fire at a Slipknot concert

A huge fire erupted at a concert by nu-metal band Slipknot in the U.S. city of Phoenix on the evening of November 2. The musicians were wrapping up a performance at the Ak-Chin Pavilion, and stage pyrotechnics were not the only source of fire, the local Phoenix New Times reported Nov. 3.

“Masked metal band fans burned deck chairs in the outdoor concert venue, setting up a huge bonfire on the lawn that raged for about 30 minutes,” the paper wrote.

The fire erupted near the end of the one-day Knotfest and Slipknot fans apparently decided to make it memorable for a long time. The Phoenix Fire Department told the Foх10phoenix TV station that the fire was probably started by fans attending the concert.

This is proved by videos on social media: Slipknot fans to the 2018 hit All Out Life make a fire, the flames of which fly up to a height of 6 to 9 meters, tossing lounge chairs and clothes to make the fire grow.

After noticing the fire, the musicians halted their performance. According to firefighters, no one was injured and the causes of the fire are being investigated.