Mexican parliamentary candidate began campaigning in a coffin

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Carlos Mayorga, a candidate for federal deputy in the 2nd district of the Social Contact Party, began his campaign in a coffin. He came out of it and spoke about the symbolism of this act. This was reported on April 4 by the portal El Universal.

As Mayorga explained, his spectacular appearance before the public symbolizes the “dead city” of Juarez.

“Ciudad Juarez screams for hope. It’s a city that needs oxygen, it needs new heroes. It is a city that has suffered greatly in recent years, a city that has died,” the candidate urged.

He noted that the coffin and funeral featured on his campaign symbolize the situation in the city, the atmosphere of sadness that has developed in the city. He promised voters that the state of Chihuahua and then Juarez and Mexico would be resurrected.

“I sympathize with those who have had to lose a loved one because of negligent health and safety,” Mayorga said.

He also said that corrupt politicians kill their people when they come to power and then feed them their “promises and crumbs.” Mayorga said he would work with the population and ended his speech by saying that people might bury him alive if he did not keep his promises.

Ciudad-Juarez, or simply Juarez, is located in northern Mexico near the U.S. border. It is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Earlier, on April 6, it became known that almost 100,000 migrants were detained in February by U.S. border guards at the border with Mexico.