Microsoft Build 2020 conference starts: new search in Edge, substitutions “Run” and “smart” Outlook

Microsoft has opened the annual Microsoft Build 2020 conference. It is held online this time, but it still shows a lot of interesting things, including interesting tools for developers and usefulness for ordinary users.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge

The native Microsoft Edge browser has received the function of separation of personal and working accounts and a convenient side panel for searching information. This is useful if you want to stay on the current tab and at the same time look for additional sources on the topic.

To activate a fresh search, just select the desired piece of text or word, right-click and select “Search on the sidebar” in the window that appears.

Microsoft Edge has been integrated with the Pinterest service, so in addition to responding to search queries, users will be offered appropriate selections from Pinterest. Over time, these selections can be sent to OneNote.

“Smart” Outlook

Outlook mail service got its own artificial intelligence that predicts the words and sentences that the user writes. This way you can avoid misprints and errors, as well as speed up the writing and sending of letters.

Replacing the “Run” menu

Microsoft has shown a replacement for the classic “Run” menu, which is opened with the Win+R key combination. The new application is called PowerToys Run and is a line for quickly searching for files, documents, processes and other needs.

It also shows a utility for redirection of keys on the PowerToy Keyboard Manager keyboard. And for changes to take effect, it must be constantly active.

Microsoft Lists

Inside the Microsoft 365 project, the company introduced a serious Microsoft Lists application. The novelty combines the functions of a note-taker, a program for doing business, communicating with colleagues and working on many projects, both personally and as a team.

Visually it reminds a mixture of Notion, Trello and OneNote. It’s too early to say anything for convenience, but Microsoft has every chance to make a powerful competitive tool.