Microsoft reveals new context menu and “Share” window in Windows 11

The developers of Windows 11 have shown changes to one of the system’s most important menus, the right-click context menu. This element has been growing in size ever since the days of Windows XP, it did not have any organization and included commands and actions that were used very rarely. Now it’s time to make it more practical and convenient.

  • The most used operations-cut, copy, paste, delete and rename-are now at the top of the menu, making them closer to the cursor for ease of use.
  • “Open” and “Open with” are grouped together.
  • Applications can expand the context menu by adding operations unique to the program.
  • Rarely used commands are hidden at the bottom of the menu under “Show advanced options”.
  • The developers also showed a new Windows 11 sharing menu (“Share”). This window, too, has become more organized and clear.

At the top of it you can see the device visibility settings, in the center – contacts, and at the bottom – the list of applications through which you can share files. Both PWA applications and Win32 programs can be used here.