Migrant caravan demanded Biden to fulfill his pledges

The caravan of migrants, which is heading to the U.S. border from Honduras, called on the new administration, led by President-elect Joe Biden to fulfill its promises. It was reported by Fox News, citing a statement by the group for the rights of migrants.

The publication reported that a thousand people expect a warmer welcome than they received under Donald Trump’s presidency.

“We recognize the importance that the new United States government has demonstrated a strong commitment to migrants and asylum seekers, giving the governments of Mexico and Central America the opportunity to develop migration policies that respect human rights, mobility,” the migrants said in a statement.

In December, it was reported that Joe Biden pledged to lift restrictions against migrants imposed by current U.S. leader Donald Trump. He promised to evaluate the necessary steps to “clear the humanitarian catastrophe.” The politician said he intends to create opportunities to work quickly with asylum seekers in the U.S. while avoiding a crisis amid a coronavirus pandemic.